Understanding Underdog

The Underdog Lady is an interpretive dancer from New Jersey and mostly performs in local parades and public events. She is most famous for her unfortunate appearance on one of Howard Stern’s “talent shows.” This is one of my first college essays ever. Written in 2008, I was fascinated with the Underdog Lady and felt like she deserved an essay. Check out the trailer for her movie above.

Understanding Underdog

Americans use words all day. We talk constantly and have an opinion on everything. But it seems when we meet the Underdog Lady, we can’t really say much of anything. We can only stare in disbelief, and then look around the room smiling and try to understand what everyone else thinks they want to say. This is because one cannot say, through honest reasoning, there is a single word known that could accurately describe what you see and hear. We have finally run out of words. If the world would try to understand, examine an obvious society vs. underdog lady, and then ask “why,” we may be speechless, but will never be the same with God or humans. But what is “the same?”
She was born in Camden, NJ and developed her passion for stage as early as six. From the beginning she appears to display the most bizarre cross between a gay man screaming to get out and, a woman who talks like a Sunday school teacher bent on crack cocaine. Her face, more so during the time she introduced us to underdog, clearly depicts the impossibility of distinguishing the difference between a man and a woman. She could live a normal life, but for some reason that we will never know, she must be a superstar. She takes form of several characters but is most famous for her blurry impersonation of the cartoon character “underdog.” She was invited to appear on “The Howard Stern Show” as a contestant displaying a talent soon after resurrecting underdog, hoping to clear up the cartoon’s reputation. This is where she met infamy who would remain her most loyal companion. Through blogs, dances, and guest appearances anywhere and everywhere, her child-like innocence brings you into the closest parts of her heart.
Initially, underdog lady does turn people off in some unexplainable way. She is not a junkie, has never proved to be any bit violent, and goes tremendously out of her way to help and entertain people like you and I in our area. It’s not that we are offended; it is simply that underdog lady is not like us, and deep down she scares us. Many of us walk through malls and streets with a barefoot mentality forcing ourselves to ignore the society that negatively affects our hearts and minds. Our aspirations are as paper-thin as the life size posters that kill our dreams. Maybe this scares the underdog lady. Anyway, the realness inside the underdog lady suggests that it is everyone else that’s alive that is is simply prosthetic. She speaks because she feels, not to impress or be understood. The underdog lady takes us to a far away land and in this land we don’t need to be accepted or liked, for we just need to shine. The passion inside of the underdog lady has carried her to nationwide exposure. Although her heart may be centered, the ridicule she has adopted from society is in the “opposite corner of the ring” to the brute heckle that Jesus Christ experienced. If you choose to not immediately label her a crack baby, and understand that she is not a schizophrenic illusion to the entire world, you’re forced to question everything you know about people and life.
People want to understand things they see and hear. They want history and future to meet romantically and explain today’s world. And the fact that underdog lady is alive and well in the world today denies our desire for omniscience. A reader can try to unpack the mysteries of underdog lady and attempt to answer “why?” The amount of her words directed towards being a “winner” or a “loser” sends up a flag immediately but again, you have not one word, even for the flag. There seems to be a battle within her between a gloomy version of the American dream and an ideal of personal success and accomplishment. Inside of her head she dwells in a separate mindset where there only exssists celebrities, and nobodies who are entertained by the celebrities. You either live a life that pursues meaning or, you “fade out and die in the mediocrity” as she says. Again, she has to be a celebrity, and the depth to this truth hides deep in an endless closet somewhere.
Only the most creative brains in the world can escape the need to understand this woman after only a few minutes of watching. You are simply amazed. Those who believe in any sort of supernatural and unseen realm surrounding us must admit that she is more likely to be closer connected to any world that is outside of ours. Religious ones who have been exposed to her must wonder if she is indeed a glitch in “God’s” (or whatever you call him)’s creative history. On the other hand, her life could remain as just some book you picked up off of the shelf at a store because it caught your eye. But if you don’t put it down and walk away, and you dare to read, your life will change forever. A lesson from the underdog lady can be learned. We must rise, and we must shine.

© Jeff Caldwell