A Prayer on Humility

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“For one look at self, we ought to taken ten looks at Christ” – Adolph Saphir

“It is the horror of one’s sins that turns him to Christ” – Dorothy Day



Humility with deep roots,

That assumes you could always learn from another person or group

A humility to admit “I have a problem” and “I need help”

A humility that shifts the spotlight away from others,

To shine into his own dark heart

A humility that doesn’t begrudgingly wish others would also be more humble

A humility that is infused with compassion

Even for those who are the most challenging for you to love

A humility that can transform a cold glare into a warm gaze, in just a moment

A humility void of blame-shifting, finger-pointing,

One that resists anonymous whispers behind proud hands

A humility that helps one know his limits

A humility that truly comes to terms with the possibility

That the other person may be right, and I may be wrong

Humility that accepts rejection,

And forgives when the person doesn’t  ask for forgiveness

Or when they don’t even know they have hurt you

Humility that is scarce as the rarest of stones,

And has the power and constancy of a river

A humility that is not afraid to weep

A humility that is quick to repent,

Slow to insist

A humility that’s contagious

That bows down, folds, breaks you,

But only in love and always for another

A humility that truly listens

That studies the other persons words, tone, body language, like a text book

Yearning inside, only to understand

Humility that apologizes

Humility that blesses someone

But never for acknowledgment or enrichment,

A humility that is secretly awesome



I am a troubled man

A man of pride,

Intoxicated on self

In desperate need of a humility like this.

God help me

© Jeff Caldwell